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I am Rajan.M.V, better known as Rajansir, a Physics teacher from India. I am a person who has high passion in teaching. I became a teacher for a very simple reason - I want to make a difference. While there are many fields in which I could accomplish this goal, I feel that education is the one in which I can have the greatest impact. I realize that teaching is a profession that can be supremely exhausting, but I know in my heart that the benefits outweigh the fatigue ten times over. Teaching requires patience, understanding, compassion, and enthusiasm - all things that I am more than willing to provide on a daily basis.

Problem solving is an inevitable factor in any course of physics. The problems in physics courses help polish not only your knowledge of physics but also your skill in solving problems. This websites presents large number of problems with their detailed solutions which will provide tips and techniques to improve your problem solving skills. These tips and techniques will prove useful to you in your physics courses, in your

 other college courses, in your career, and in your everyday life. Problem solving is like building a jigsaw puzzle. No one solves a puzzle by picking up pieces and putting them exactly in the right position. Like wise, no one solves a physics problem by simply writing down the correct equations and the correct reasoning with the correct connections the first time. Solving a jigsaw puzzle needs a well thought strategy and a lot of "creative trial and error" .

The "solved problems" in this site are highly valuable and they deserve your careful study, but they represent the end product of a problem solving session and I am trying my level best to show the process involved in reaching the end result.

Through this website, I wish to create a platform where the students and teachers feel that solving problems is meaningful. I want my visitors to get accustomed of the habit of learning by doing. With this self-reflection, students gain a deeper understanding of who they are as a learner: an element essential for them to become life-long learners.